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Attorney Roberts
graduated from Radcliffe College of Harvard University (B.A., cum laude, 1979), and then received her J.D. (1982) from Washington College of Law, of American University, where she served as Research & Topics Editor on the American University Law Review. While in law school she worked for U.S. Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. as a Legal Researcher.

Legal Background

Ms. Roberts was a litigation associate for several years in Washington, D.C., where she was involved with jury trials in both state and federal courts. Upon return to her native Connecticut, Ms. Roberts was a Law Clerk to Chief Presiding Judge Joseph P. Dannehy on the Connecticut Appellate Court (1984-1985). Ms. Roberts was also a litigation associate at Day, Berry & Howard, where she was involved with appeals to both the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts. As an associate at Brown Paindiris & Scott, she practiced in the area of civil litigation, with an emphasis on civil rights cases (including police misconduct), medical malpractice, products liability and personal injury. Ms. Roberts has
broadened her practice base to include the handling of workers’ compensation and social security disability claims.

Attorney Roberts is admitted to practice in Connecticut, before the Connecticut District Court, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. She is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, and has recently joined the Disability Committee of the Connecticut Bar Association.



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Articles published in the Connecticut Lawyer


Articles & Publications by Sally A. Roberts:



O A Ban on Alcohol for Minors at House Parties
O Abuse of Process 
O Abutting Property Owner 
O Actual Notice of Hazardous Conditions 
O Additur & Remittitur 
O Agency, Vicarious Liability & the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior
O Allergies & Peculiar Susceptibility: Implied & Express Warranties 
O Anatomy of a Civil Rights Action
O Apportionment 
O Assault & Battery
O Biomechanical Engineer Testimony in a Low-Impact Collision Case 
O Building Codes & Fire Codes 
O Charitable Immunity 
O Civil Rights Liability of a Municipality
O Civil Rights Actions: What Can I Do if the Government Violates my Civil Rights? 
O Common Carriers: A Higher Duty of Care Imposed upon Common Carriers 
O Compensability of Injuries Sustained by an Employee 
O Condominium Slip & Fall Cases 
O Confidentiality of Psychiatric Communications
O Connecticut’s Grand Jury System 
O Constitutional Duty to Preserve Evidence
O Constitutional Restrictions on the Use of Deadly Force
O Construction Site Injuries 
O Constructive Notice of Hazardous Conditions 
O Dead Man’s Statute 
O Defective Highway Statute 
O Defects in Stairways & Steps
O Difference between Assault & Battery
O Discovery of Police Personnel Files
O Distinction between Sovereign Immunity & Governmental Immunity

Do hang-up 911 calls provide sufficient exigency?

O Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur
O Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity: The King can do no Wrong
O Dog Bite Statute 
O Duty of Care & Foreseeability 
O Duty of Care Owed by Possessor of Land 
O Duty to Disclose or Act upon Exculpatory Evidence
O Duty to Provide Reasonable Medical Care to Jailee
O e-Briefs in E-Z Steps: Paradigm Shift in Electronic Filing 
O Economic Damages for Personal Injuries 
O Eggshell Plaintiff Doctrine: Taking the Victim as you Find Him 
O Excessive Force under Section 1983
O Exclusivity of Workers’ Compensation Act 
O Expert Testimony in a Premises Liability Case 
O Expert Witness Disclosure Rules Change Dramatically 
O Failure of a Police Officer to Intervene
O Falling Merchandise 
O Falling Tree Limbs 
O False Arrest & Malicious Prosecution 
O Familial Immunity Doctrines – Sibling, Spousal & Grandparent Immunitie
O Federalism & Actions for Violation of the Connecticut Constitution
O Firefighters & Fire Trucks on Interstate 95 
O Firefighters' Rule 
O Firehouse Rented to Private Individuals a Proprietary Function 
O Fireman’s Indemnification Statute: Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-308 
O Food Poisoning Cases in Connecticut 
O Freedom of the Press 
O Good Samaritan Law 
O Hedonic Damages for the Loss of Enjoyment of Life 
O Ice & Snow Slip & Fall Injuries 
O Impoundment & Towing
O Indemnification against a Municipality 
O Invisible Injuries - Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD & Depression 
O Jail Suicides 
O LASIK and Laser Vision Enhancement Surgery 
O Lemon Law Arbitration Awards - Review by Trial Court
O Lettuce Leaf on Floor Slip & Fall Injuries 
O Loss of Consortium and its Development in Connecticut 
O Loss of Parental Consortium 
O Malicious Prosecution 
O Mandatory Arbitration in Connecticut Courts 
O Megan's Law: Modern Day Scarlet Letter
O Minibikes & Manhole Covers 
O Motorcycle & Minibike Injuries 
O Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance a Discretionary Governmental Act 
O Municipal Liability & Immunity After Considine v. City of Waterbury 
O Municipal Premises Liability & Immunity under CGS § 52-557n
O Municipality May Shift Liability for Snow & Ice on Public Sidewalk 
O Negligence during Police Emergencies
O Negligence, Known Dangers & Duty to Warn unusually Susceptible Plaintiff 
O Nondelegable Duty Doctrine 
O Notice on the 92nd Day 
O Nuisance Cause of Action 
O Parameters of a Highway Defect 
O Parental Immunity Doctrine 
O Parental Liability for Torts of Minors 
O Parking Lot Cases of Negligent Security/Supervision 
O Peril of Puddles, Municipal Liability 
O Police Dog Bite Cases
O Police Duty to Protect Property in their Custody
O Postman a Licensee Comparable to a Social Invitee 
O Premises Liability in the Landlord-Tenant Context 
O Process of "Process" 
O Prosecutorial Immunity
O Pseudonymous Parties in Connecticut: Meet John & Jane Doe
O Railroad Track & Trestle Injuries 
O Rape Shield Laws, The Cassandra Curse
O Reasonable Force during Arrest 
O Recreational Use Statute 
O Riparian Rights in Nonnavigable Waters 
O Sending the Jury Back 
O Similar Prior Accidents 
O Ski Tort Liability 
O Slip & Fall Injuries at Indian Casinos 
O Snowmobile & All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries 
O Sole Proximate Cause Doctrine 
O Specific Defect Doctrine in Premises Liability Case 
O Spoliation of Evidence: Connecticut’s New Tort
O Spousal Privileges:  “Honey, the Judge Says We’re History!”
O Storm in Progress, or On-Going Storm Doctrine 
O Strict Liability in Tort to Allergic Users 
O Subsequent Remedial Measures 
O Supermarket Slip & Fall Cases 
O Superseding Cause 
O Testimony of Property Damage Appraiser
O The First Amendment Conflict and Roman Catholic Clergy 
O The New House Party Law 
O The Rescue Doctrine - Danger Invites Rescue 
O The Unsealing of Connecticut’s Courthouse Doors: The Role of the Fourth Estate
O The Vexing Matter of Vexatious Litigation
O Trees & the Law 
O Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Injuries 
O Venue & Jurisdiction
O Vicarious Liability of Car Owners & Lessors
O When Are Hospitals Liable for a Doctor’s Error 
O Wrongful Death Statute & Survival of Civil Actions Statute 



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