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Civil Rights & Police Misconduct

Articles & Publications By Sally A. Roberts


. About the First Amendment
  Anatomy of a Civil Rights Action
  Assault & Battery
  Cato To Track Bad Cops
  Civil Rights Liability of a Municipality
  Civil Rights Actions: What Can I Do if the Government Violates my Civil Rights? 
  Constitutional Duty to Preserve Evidence
  Constitutional Restrictions on the Use of Deadly Force
  Difference between Assault & Battery
  Discovery of Police Personnel Files
  Duty to Disclose or Act upon Exculpatory Evidence
  Duty to Provide Reasonable Medical Care to Jailee
  Excessive Force under Section 1983
  Failure of a Police Officer to Intervene
  False Arrest & Malicious Prosecution
  FAQ - Questions about Freedom of The Press
  FAQ - Questions about Religious Liberty
  FAQ - Questions about the Freedom of Assembly
  FAQ - Questions about the Freedom to Petition
  Federalism & Actions for Violation of the Connecticut Constitution
  First Amendment Timeline
  Impoundment & Towing
  Interview at Police Station
  How do I report police misconduct?
  Jail Suicides
  Negligence during Police Emergencies
  Pointing a Gun, Excessive Force and the Fourth Amendment
  Police Dog Bite Cases
  Police Duty to Protect Property in their Custody
  Police Search of your Residence without a Warrant
  Prosecutorial Immunity
  Reasonable Force during Arrest
  What is a Search?
  What is a Seizure?
  What to do if you're stopped by The Police
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