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- Attorney Endorsements -

Sally is the top of her profession in every metric: ethically uncompromised, skilled in court, superior in research, completely empathetic, a true believer and practitioner of justice for all, one to speak truth to power and to stand between the client and oppression of any sort, a perfect blend of idealism and realism. Obviously, she has earned my respect but more I admire her character as exemplified in her professionalism Tim Moynahan

Timothy Moynahan Personal injury Attorney 
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Roberts is well versed in all aspects of Civil Rights. I routinely refer clients in need of a civil rights attorney to Attorney Roberts, and feel confident in doing so.

Frank Bartlett Car accident Attorney on Jul 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer without hesitation. She is an excellent attorney and excels in the area of civil rights. She is extremely talented and very competent. She is a hard worker and a fighter. I highly recommend her

Ioannis Kaloidis Criminal defense Attorney on Jul 7
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


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- Client Reviews - 

  Posted August 4, 2016  
  Hurricane Sally  
. . .
  Sally worked on a wrongful death case for me. She is diligent, hardworking and caring. She puts her heart and soul into her cases. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Sally for all you do.  
Audrey A. Fitting
  Posted July 5, 2016
  My Attorney
. .

I hired Sally Roberts to complete a lawsuit that had begun a few years before. Sally is every bit the tiger I was able to get to know when I needed her. I know from working with her she has every duck in the row already, and will prosecute as needed. She has a brilliant mind and uses it. 

She has been through more than most Lawyers, got up, dusted off, and came back stronger, braver, learning to fight any battle. Anyone who hires her is really in golden hands, not the dainty hands she once had. I know of no one who can fill her shoes. God Bless you Sally, and keep up that go-get-em attitude you display. Love, and hugs to the bravest woman I ever met. 

  Posted July 12, 2016
  Police misconduct matter
. .
  Attorney Robert immediately returned my phone call and asked me questions about my case. She set up an appointment shortly thereafter and spend three hours at my home going over all of the evidence. She filed all of the necessary paperwork including the FOIA requests. She did all of this in a timely fashion. She attended all of the inquiries to date with me. She has clearly described the possibilities and possible plans for my case. I have the utmost confidence in attorney Roberts, due to her record, and her obvious tenacity in attaining justice.
Franklin E Rutledge
  Posted July 7, 2016
  Good Listener
. .

I called Sally over the phone and explained my situation. She listening to what I had to say, and then asked me questions. She didn't try to judge me upfront and she also asked if I could provide her with information. I had spoken with another lawyer prior to her, and that lawyer tried to make me feel like the case was not winnable. He/she concluded my intentions without knowing why I wanted to go ahead with my case.

Sally examined all the evidence and then gave me the opportunity to secure sher services. The other lawyer wouldn't look at my evidence without a payment.

  Posted July 6, 2016
  Lowest Point of My Life
. .
  I studied lawyers qualifications along with my ex-husband, sister, and several friends including some high profile lawyer friends that specialize in criminal law and such. It was clear that even though the damages were tremendous, I needed a powerful lawyer that could stand up for me and fight for my civil rights and for my dignity. After a full year of searching both in state and out of state it was clear that Sally Roberts was by far the best choice for a truly brilliant attorney that had a record of successfully fighting for her clients. Since hiring Attorney Roberts I feel very comfortable and confident that my representation is the most solid I could have found. Her knowledge and perseverance is why another high profile criminal defense attorney in Connecticut termed her "Hurricane Roberts" in a newspaper article featuring one of her cases. She knew that our fight was going to be tough even though the evidence is on our side but she had to take on the State of Connecticut itself along with the individuals that caused much harm to me and my entire family. I am amazed at her dedication and hard work. I honestly don't know that there was even a second choice for who to hire to represent me as she so clearly was ready to fight for me. It was not just her professional record that helped me to choose her; it was her dedication and belief in doing what was right for my name, reputation, and so much more that made her shine. Whether I win or lose is to be determined but I do know that I made the best decision I could have in having Sally Roberts represent my civil case as I have peace of mind that I found the best to represent me.
  Posted July 5, 2016
  Best Civil Rights, Personal Injury Attorney
. .
  I would enthusiastically recommend attorney Sally A Roberts to anyone in search of a good Civil Rights attorney. Sally is very smart, kind and responsive. Having worked with attorneys in the past, I was impressed by her attitude and genuine sense of caring about me as a person and client. Sally took my case when others wouldn't due to the complexity and high profile nature of the defendants. Sally truly looks out for the rights of the common man even when facing those with what would seem to be absolute power.




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