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Personal Injury FAQs


General Personal Injury FAQs

1. What are the types of personal injury cases that the Law Office of Sally A. Roberts

The Law Office of Sally A. Roberts is a full-service litigation law firm, having assisted
numerous satisfied clients with Automobile Wreck, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death, and
Premises Liability cases in State and Federal courts...
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How to Make Your Case

When you are injured, your first thought is probably not about a lawsuit; that usually does
not come until much later. Your first thought is about your health and/or your family.
However, by the time you get around to thinking about a lawsuit and/or an attorney, so
much opportunity to help your case has been lost.
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Preparing for Your Deposition FAQs

1. What is a deposition?

In most civil actions both parties have the right to engage in "discovery" to gather facts
from the other party. A deposition is a type of discovery in which the lawyer for a party
takes your testimony
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Preparing for Your Mediation FAQs

1. What is mediation?

The idea behind mediation is to take completely opposed positions and try to find some
common ground. The hope is that by doing so, some sort of deal will be possible. This
would allow both parties to come to a common ground
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