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Statement to the Press re Chief Cossette




The two new lawsuits against Chief Jeffry Cossette were served by a State Marshal last night and filed in State Court this morning.The first case is John Neron against Chief Cossette and William Glass for defamation and invasion of privacy; the second case is Donald Huston against Chief Cossette for invasion of privacy, among other wrongs.


In both cases, Chief Cossette opened up and disclosed the personnel files of John Neron (in 2009) and Donald Huston (in 2011), revealing information that is not even obtainable under a Freedom of Information request. I have cited the definitive CT Supreme Court case on this issue in the Huston Complaint.  See Department of Public Safety, Div. of State Police v. Freedom of Information Commission, 242 Conn. 79 (1997).


For the Chief to reveal such information to the press, in Huston’s instance, and to Neron’s employer, in the 2009 instance does not reflect well on the Chief’s character.  Is shows a documented pattern and practice of malicious behavior.


It brings to mind the time honored phrase: “Can a leopard change its spots?” It raises the proverbial question, querying the ability of any person or creature to change its innate being.


The origin is from the Bible, Jeremiah 13:23 (King James Version):

Can the leopard change his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.


In the case of John Neron, who had an exemplary record during his 11 years on the force but had been passed over for assignments and promotions, on the Meriden police department, a cop who made a difference – Neron was relentless harassed by the Chief with trumped up charges, refused to have Neron blatantly false and engineered arrests investigated, which charges were all dismissed (Court records reflect no convictions) presided over a Kangaroo Court during which he accused Officer Neron of being untruthful when in fact Officer Neron was on a frantic emergency search for his infant daughter. If the Chief had had a decent bone in his body, he would have given Neron the Father of the Year Award. Instead, Neron was given back-to-back 30-day unpaid suspensions for violating department procedures following his arrests


Neron suffered a heart attack on Jan. 20, 2008, due to the stress of knowing he was targeted and was being forced out by the Chief, and 11 days later was asked to resign from the Department. Not satisfied with forcing Officer Neron to resign, Chief Cossette then maliciously followed Neron to his new employment, planting damaging information which led to Neron’s termination.


John Williams & I began work on Neron’s defamation case in February 2010, 14 months before the recent allegations against the Chief, so the record reflects that the Chief is discrediting himself by his own actions, from the past and the present. The Chief is fighting to keep Neron from receiving Workers’ Comp benefits and refused to allow Neron’s pension for heart & hypertension. The Chief has used his vindictive personality to ruin the life, health & home of a good cop.


The pattern continues to this day, with the charges brought forward by Officer Brian Sullivan and Donald Huston, with eerie similarity, of the Chief’s attempt to eliminate all who cross his path. This past Monday, the Chief began a campaign to have the Record Journal reporter on the case fired, by contacting her supervisor. It is a well-known, documented pattern.


I ask you: “Can a leopard change his spots?”




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