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Florida Cop Turns Off Dash Cam Before Beating Elderly Man With Dementia

Cop then charges man with battery on police officer

By Carlos Miller
January 16, 2012 @ 7:36AM

Melbourne police officer Derek Middendorf turned off his dash cam before stepping out of his patrol car and kicking a mild-mannered 66-year-old man with dementia in the groin.

The hulking cop then fell on top of the feeble Albert Flowers, punching and choking him repeatedly while a fellow officer ran up and tased him in the face.

When they were done beating Flowers, they charged him with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

He remained hospitalized for a month.

Meanwhile, the police department was able to retrieve the video from the hard drive, even though Middendorf had turned it off.

They issued him a written reprimand for turning off the camera.

Middendorf said he was in fear for his life.

The incident took place in October. Flowers’ family filed a complaint against the department on Friday.

According to WESH:

Police responded after they said they received a call that Flowers had pulled a knife on one of his employees. Bross and family members said Flowers suffers from dementia.

“By the time the police showed up, everything was fine, and the gentleman in the white shirt that you see in the video told the officer before the officer kicked Mr. Flowers.

He said, 'Look, he has dementia. You need to talk slowly because sometimes he has a hard time understanding what is going on,' and the officer shook his head and kicked him,” Bross said. Bross said his client did not have a weapon on him.

They are planning to sue the officer and the Police Department because of the incident.




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